Your wedding gown is one of your most precious possessions and expert dry cleaning care can help preserve your gown. When shopping for your dress, check with the salesperson to ensure that the dress and trim are dry cleanable. Be sure your wedding gown has a care label stating that all components are dry cleanable.

The decorative trim of the wedding gown may or may not be dry cleanable. Please inspect the trim with us prior to cleaning to ensure safe handling of your gown. If you are wearing a heirloom gown, allow plenty of time for cleaning and alterations, and check for any discoloration.

After the wedding, the dress may have invisible stains from food, beverage and body oil. If these stains are not properly cleaned, they may become permanent. Therefore, please point out any stains and or spills to us prior to cleaning.

Careful storage of your gown extends the life and beauty of your dress. We package your gown in a special storage box or on a hanger. Store accessories, pins and padding separately from the gown to avoid damage to the fabric. Inspect your gown from time to time.