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Organic Dry Cleaning is the use of environmentally friendly and non-toxic dry cleaning solvents. At Palm Desert Cleaners, the hydrocarbon solvent we use has been safely used for decades in both cosmetics and as a food additive.

Our premium dry cleaning system removes a wide variety of stains from your garments. Our system is gentle enough to protect sensitive ornaments and fabrics, yet powerful enough to remove soil and stubborn discolorations.

  • White garments look whiter
  • Colors are brighter and more alive
  • Extends the life of your garments
  • Fabrics gain a much softer and smoother feel
  • Garments appear like new again

Our stores feature state of the art equipment and the latest non-toxic, environmentally safe solvent available for use in the industry today. This organic system is beneficial to employees, consumers and neighborhood air and water quality.